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Schermerhorn Genealogy and Family Chroniclescheap long 4c kinky wigs2

[This information is from Schermerhorn Genealogy and Family Chronicles by Richard Schermerhorn, Jr. (New York: Tobias A. Wright, Publisher, 1914).]

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This book has been published by means of the concerted interest and support of the Schermerhorn family as a whole. Certain members of the family, however, and several other friends of the author deserve particular credit for the steady encouragement and very material assistance they have given, which have helped in no slight degree to bring the work to a successful conclusion. It is to them that this book is dedicated. They are the following:

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In connection with the genealogical tables, it is easily apparent that numbers have been placed opposite the names of only those individuals, the records of whose descendants appear in later pages of the book. In some cases, however, these later genealogical tables have been omitted, in spite of the fact that numbers were given, such a procedure being necessary when it was found expedient to cut down the bulk of printed matter in order to properly adjust the cost of publication. These records which were omitted, however, are still in the possession of the author and he will be, glad at any time to give them to any members of the family who should happen to desire them.

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