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New York State Civil War Muster Rollshuman hair wigs massachusetts2

This information is from A Record of the Commissioned Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Privates, of the Regiments which were organized in the State of New York and called into the service of the United States to assist in supressing the rebellion caused by the secession of some of the Southern States from the Union, A. D. 1861, as taken from the Muster-in Rolls on file in the Adjutant General's Office, S. N. Y., (Albany, N. Y.: Comstock & Cassidy, Printers, 1864). It is in the Reference collection of the Johnstown Public Library at LHR 973.7 N531, and page images may be viewed at the University of Michigan's Making of America project project and Google Books. Some abbreviated names have been expanded.

The New York State Civil War Muster Rolls span nearly 6,000 pages in eight volumes. We plan to eventually have all of them online.

Head-quarters — State of New York,

Adjutant General's Office, Albany, January 1st, 1864.

I certify that the following names are correctly taken from the Muster Rolls, on file in this Office, of the Volunteer Troops called into the service of the United States, commencing April 15, A. D. 1861, and printed under the act of the Legislature passed April 23d, 1863.

John T. Sprague, Adjutant General.

Introductory Documents

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