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A History of Schenectady During the Revolution80's big hair wigs2

to which is appended a contribution to the individual records of the Schenectady District during that period

[This information is from A History of Schenectady During the Revolution by Willis T. Hanson, Jr. (Brattleboro, VT: E. L. Hildreth & Co., 1916). It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 974.744 H25, and copies are also available for borrowing. Thanks to Norm Goldman for scanning part of this book.]

Prefatory Note and Introduction

  1. The Valley of the Mohawk (1-3)
  2. Schenectady (4-10)
  3. The Rise of the Revolutionary Movement (11-16)
  4. The Schenectady Committee of Safety and the First Militia Companies (17-22)
  5. Schenectady Raises a Company for the Defense of Ticonderoga (23-26)
  6. The Continental Line, the Militia and the Organization of the Schenectady Battalion80's big hair wigs8
  7. The Indians. Rumors Regarding the Johnsons and Colonel Guy's Subsequent Departure from the Valley (35-42)
  8. Efforts on the Part of the Colonists to Hold the Indians in a Position of Neutrality and the Friction with Sir John Johnson (43-50)
  9. The Canadian Expedition (51-56)
  10. The Activities of Local Whig and Loyalist (57-63)
  11. The Plan for the Campaign of 1777. Further Activities of Indian and Tory. The Schenectady Committee Establishes a Watch. The Difficulties of Procuring Wagons and Men. (64-70)
  12. The Campaign of 1777 (71-77)
  13. steve perry wigs (78-82)
  14. The Decision of the Indians. The Raids of 1778. (83-89)
  15. Steps Taken to Protect the Frontier. Sullivan's Campaign. (90-94)
  16. The Mohawk Valley Laid Waste (95-100)
  17. The Raids on Ballston and the Schoharie Settlements (101-108)
  18. The Oneidas at Schenectady (109-113)
  19. The Raids of 1781 (114-120)
  20. After Yorktown (121-125)

Individual Records of Service (127-277): A to C | D to K | L to P | Q to T | full lace wig too big | W to Z

Manuscript Sources (279-280) and Bibliography (281-284)

Index (285-304)

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You are here: Home » Resources » Hanson's History
See Also: Schenectady in the Revolutionary War updated March 30, 2015

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